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Niedlov’s Breadworks is a family owned and operated wholesale bakery and retail cafe. We have been Chattanooga’s traditional artisan bakery since 2002. Niedlov’s Breadworks specializes in bread made with organic whole grains and natural leavening, without added sugars or preservatives. All bread and pastries are made by hand, from scratch, using centuries-old techniques and pure ingredients.

Our Niedlov’s team has one shared goal: to create quality breads and prepare delicious food for our cafe with the finest of natural ingredients and to bring pleasure and nourishment to our community.


At Niedlov’s, community is a guiding principle. We consider our community (local, regional, national, international) in all that we do. Here are a few examples of what we mean…

  1. Donation: Any pastries that are not purchased by the end of the day, get donated to the Community Kitchen.
  2. Local Farmers: Feed the pigs! To meet one of our goals of producing as little waste as possible, Niedlov’s donates it’s outdated breads weekly to several local farmers. They use it to supplement their livestocks’ diets.
  3. Composting: Niedlov’s Breadworks has maintained an active composting program since 2002, and now Niedlov’s generates over 1,300 lbs of compostable food waste every month, and diverts over 15,600 pounds of waste from our local landfill each year.
  4. Recycling: In addition to the composting program, Niedlov’s also maintains an in-house recycling program. All the glass, tin, steel, newspaper, mixed paper, plastic, and cardboard, that Niedlov’s uses, as well as much of that used by our dine-in customers is collected and recycled.

We are proud to be surrounded by great local artisans and enjoy using their quality products in our bakery and cafe.

  • Whole wheat from Sunrise Farms
  • Local Produce from Natural Ways Farms & Crabtree Farms
  • Sauerkraut & Kombucha from Harvest Roots
  • Eggs from Beulah & Natural Ways Farm
  • Whole Milk from Cruz Farms
  • Coffee and Espresso from Velo
  • Cold Brew from MadPriest
  • Honey from Appalachia Bees
  • Miss Shelly’s Jam
  • Olive oil from Olive Chattanooga
  • Espresso & Latte mugs from Annie Hanks Studio
  • Chattanooga Butter Company
  • Sausage from Main Street Meats

We also proudly partner with the following organizations:

  • Battle Academy
  • Bread Bakers Guild
  • Howard School
  • Hope for the Inner City
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Causeway
  • Bridge Refugee Service
  • Glass House Collective
  • The Community Kitchen
  • Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise
  • Land Trust of Tennessee

Join Our Team

Here at Niedlov’s artisan baking is an exercise in patience. Everything is made from scratch. Everything is done by hand. Every job demands methodology and care.

Our employees join us from a variety of backgrounds, training and experience. We have a wide array of positions from production staff, bakers, baggers, drivers, pastry chefs, baristas, to kitchen chefs and more. If you are looking to join an inclusive, community-focused team that values time honored baking traditions then contact us at:

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